ReneƩ van der Ven: In my films, I like to choose a very fixed form to tell a story with. This is often an observing documentary within a small and intimate location where you would otherwise not have access to. Always close to the character you observe as a viewer. In my previous film The Final Nights, this character was a volunteer who watches over a dying man at night.

In my film The Interpreter, I try to show the way that an asylum seeker needs to follow through several authorities in the Netherlands. I do this from the perspective of the experience expert Fadil, the telephone interpreter. He is only filmed while calling from his attic room with a view of the desolate neighborhood. Fadil fought a similar fight as the people on the other end of the line in order to get where he is now in life. By doing this, I want the interpreter to function as a symbol for the refugee and the difficult life stage that they exist in.